My Amazon Package was Stolen
Hi I am brand new to this app. I recently moved into my apartment on the eastside and somehow my fan broke during the move. I did not have the funds to replace it. My good friend from Washington offered to help me and shipped a fan to me through Amazon. Amazon said the fan was delivered. I said to my friend I never got it. Amazon told him that the package was signed by me. I told my friend I never signed for anything. Plus the Delivery Driver would have had to be buzzed in to enter the locked lobby with the receptionist who under management rules can not sign for or accept any packages. So this would not be a typical Porch Pirate Theft. So he talked to 3 Amazon agents and a Supervisor. And he tells me they are telling him that because the package was signed & delivered that they would not resend the item or refund his money cause to them the package was delivered. Amazon believes my package was stolen and told him he would have to contact the police saying this was a police matter
2019-12-01T17:45:07Z. Milwaukee, WI